Well!  I gave you and I, what I think was ample time to think about what we really wanted to do, and now it’s time to get funded.  Writing a business plan is not a 1-2-3 step process.  It is a long tedious process that is going to be thought provoking, take a lot of concentration, and strategic planning through to completion; Even a few late-night sessions when everything has calmed to a peaceful resolve, and you can think… might be in order, whatever it takes!

2 AM


We have already done our research and found out who our “target-market” is, but have you thought about your mission statement?  A mission statement is very important because, for a lot of consumer’s it will determine whether or not they will want to patron you business again.  It basically tells the consumer how you feel about them, and what you plan on doing about that sentiment to keep them as a customer.  It should describe how well you plan to maintain quality, and customer satisfaction, and it will be one of the first requirements of the business plan, in the Executive Summary.

Your business plan should begin with a cover page that displays the company name followed by the words “BUSINESS PLAN”.  Then you will add the address of your business (not your post office box number), phone numbers, and email, and the URL of your website, if you have one.  Then you will add your name and date.  All of the information that you entered onto the cover-page should be centered. 

We are going to stop here, as I don’t want to place to much on you in one sitting.  We have a lot to do, and we are going to make good use of our time.  Too much at one time can cause your writing of your business plan to become mundane, and you wouldn’t want to present a lackluster plan that may reduce the likelihood of your plan being considered or the capital that you are seeking.

Please use the comment section at the end of each post.  I welcome comments, critiques, and suggestions, or If you have gained anything, or simply have been inspired by my post  Please let me know.

Deborah Thompson-Memanera ® 7/15/2015

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