I want to talk about, as well as demonstrate what to do when you are at your wits-end?  Cannot find employment, have no money or automobile, but you do have a roof over your head and a talent.  Well!  I am going to embark upon a journey to get those answers, and you are invited.  I am going to show you some ways to make things happen, in spite of it all.  If this is your last resort, then you will unequivocally have to be resourceful.  Tap into your innate since of creativity and create yourself a product, or have you a hobby that has lend itself to boxes on a shelf or the back floor of your closet; then you are sitting on a goldmine.  Do you have too much of anything, or not enough of something that you really like?  “Turn it into a dollar”.  The fact is…I am that person, so mark your calendars as I will begin my journey, and take you along with me to see what we can do to turn a negative into a positive with a little creativity.