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B Plan Template Deftnotes © 2013

I have given you the Executive Summary ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the research involved in the completion of you business plan.  Your first two pages should look exactly as the ones above.  The 1st page is your cover, and the 2nd page is your table of contents.  The first order of business is located in your table of contents listed as #1 which is the executive summary, in which you should have already completed.  This is about you, for you, so if that means working through the night to accomplish your goals then lets do it.  I will display the next step in the table of contents, then we will go through them together.  Remember! We are riding in the same car, so together we proceed to the next level.

After the cover page type “Table of Contents” at the top, center of your second page, then the roman numeral I. followed by Executive Summary as described below.

I   Executive Summary

    1.  Business Owner(s) & Product/Service
2.  Mission Statement
3.  Company Structure
4.  Target Market (s)
5.  Current Opportunities
6.  Projection of Business Future
7.  Financial Summary

(Since we have completed the Executive Summary, continue to the next level which is the Market Analysis).  It should look exactly like the one below, but containing your company information the way you did for the Executive Summary.

II   Market Analysis

1.  Industry, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
2.  Competitive Analysis (Appendix B)
3.  Demographic and Target Market
4.  Entry Barriers

B Plan Template Deftnotes © 2013

(If you run into problems, please leave me a comment, and I will speak to you about how to proceed, and perhaps another participant may offer advice as well).  We will continue with the Table of Contents in a few days.  Don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom of each post.

Deborah Thompson-Memanera ® 7/2015


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