Lets take a look at how far we have come.  Right now you should have a cover page as described in example 1, but with your personal information inserted, and your Table of Contents should resemble example 2.

Example 3 is the business plan containing your company information.  You may want to complete the Table of Contents and your business plan simultaneously.  In example 2, note that the Executive Summary appears first on the business plan in example 3 from your Table of Contents in example 2.

Note the spacing of your Table of Contents, as well as your business plan  (single space).  So that concludes the Executive Summary, Market Analysis, and the Marketing Strategies.  We can now move on to the Operations Plan which will be IV of your Table of Contents, however; I will allow more time to arrange your business plan to reflect the correct organization and structure as that of your Table of Contents.  For instance: you can’t list Executive Summary as (II) on your business plan if is (I) in the Table of Contents.

Organization and structure is very important for the success of your business plan.  This week we will continue our work into the business plan by including the Operations Plan which may be a little easier for those of you who are selling mainly online through ecommerce as apposed to “brick-and-mortar”.   Thank you for being here, and please reply or leave me a comment, as your feedback is very important.

Tbl of Con Exple 1     Tbl of Con Exple 2    Expl 3 Post 13 B Plan Template Deftnotes © 2013

Deborah Thompson ® July 2015


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