There is going to be some changes made today that you may find refreshing, and that will certainly bring us closer to our goal with a better outcome, and in less time then anticipated.  While doing my research I found out that a lot has change over the years and our lender’s are not expecting all of the rhetoric that we have been pondering over to put into our business plan.  The premise is the same, however there are 4 main functions of the business plan that will make the potential lenders take notice.  Look over the following and review your plan to see how well you faired in these four categories, because they will ultimately be the most important part of your business plan.

  1. You need only a one-line description of your company, and be specific
  2. A financial model of your expenses-how much funding you need, expected expenses, etc..
  3. What are your risk?
  4. Why are you uniquely qualified to succeed?

A couple of these questions should have already been answered in the work that you have done so far.  Though we are attempting to complete a business plan ourselves; there are a few business plan templates that are worth trying.  There is a site called Growthink that has an excellent business plan template to help speed our process up.  I have reviewed the client list, as well as read numerous testimonials.  Their testimonials include Venus Williams-V-Star Interiors, Jillian Donatelli-Rock Botton Property, and Vishal Badiani, Owner of Trilogy Software to name a few.  You can also visit YouTube for a vision of how the software works. (Growthink Inc. 2016).

Go to Growthink today and view the 20% Rule for 2016. I will still be here to help with any of the research needed, and to work along with you to accomplish our goals to get to that “Grand Opening”.

Deborah Thompson ® July 2015