Well! It’s been three days since my last post. I needed to stop and enjoy other post, by other people. It has become apparent to me that there are not a lot of people out there who are interested in putting their talents or hobbies to work for them. The ones who would, or could, have probably already done so and do not need my assistance, however; that will not deter me, or take me “off-the-beat-and path”. I have a goal that has to be met, and promises that I intend to keep. It is time to begin our business plan to accompany the cover sheet as described in blog post #6.

First of all, I am not going to tell you that a business plan is not cumbersome, because it is. My plan is to take you through it very slowly, but steady omitting nothing, but with breaks in between. Each break will allow for the time needed to research the information for the current topic. Following our cover page is the table of contents, and number I is the Executive Summary, and this is exactly how it should look.
The numbered information under the words executive summary is to be replaced with your personal information about your company. This is to be used as a template only. I have familiarized you with at least five of the executive summaries below in previous post so that you would be somewhat familiar with the language, thus less intimidating, therefore; less stressful. Find the best time for you! Even if that means working in the middle of the night.


Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

1. Business Owner(s) & Product Service
2. Mission Statement
3. Company Structure
4. Target Market (s)
5. Current Opportunities
6. Projection of Business Future
7. Financial Summary

B Plan Template Deftnotes © 2013

I did say “slow and steady” so we will stop here and collect the necessary information for the executive summary. 1st, Number 1 is asking who the owner(s), are and what are their products or services. 2nd is the mission statement that I gave you a “heads-up” on, in post 6 (perhaps you have written one already). 3rd We also spoke of company structure, such as Proprietorship, Corporation, LLC, etc.. 4th is the target market that we spoke about as well. (Who or what demographic will be most likely to buy your product or service. 5th Do you see any current opportunities in the market? 6th If you made 35,000 this year, what do you expect to make the following year, and the year after that if business has been successful, and you have been making a profit? 7th List financial proof of the previous, and we’ll proceed in a couple of days. Please leave a comment, critique, or suggestion at the bottom of each post. Thank you for coming. Have a creative, productive and prosperous day.

Deborah Thompson-Memanera ® 7/2015