While we are working on our Executive Summary as described in post 7; I want to take a little time to talk about who I am, and the “Resourceful or Last Resort” saga. I say saga because If you start reading my post from the beginning; it reads like a book. Like many people, I have hobbies, and a talent that some people feel are worth far more than that of their own hobbies and talents. They are people with beautiful, angelic singing voices, yet they do not seek to be singers; there is no record deal in the works, or any upcoming shows to speak of. Then there are the aficionado’s who wear many hats, but have not prevailed over any specific skill or talent. And there are the food maven’s who always have a recipe for you, or will tell you how you could have prepared a dish, one whose palates are keenly sensitized to the point of describing a complete dish wearing blind-folds, yet they do not have a restaurant, a food truck, a catering company, or even a hotdog stand. These are the people who feel that my talents and hobbies warrant recognition, and at best…a business.

It’s irony at its finest, because while I’m waiting for someone to produce something worthy of praise. they are expecting me to actually do it. I am a “baby-boomer” with no time to waste. I raised two children alone, then spent the rest of my life alone, and unequivocally, not by choice. There are people who have ask…”why haven’t you ever married? The fact is. No one ever ask! So during my time alone, and while awaiting those 4 magic words (WILL YOU MARRY ME); I was drawing, reading, writing, painting, sculpting, designing, sewing, and taking courses in anything that I felt I had a need to know. This blog “Resources or Last Resort” leans more toward the truth about what you can accomplish with what you have by being resourceful, or what signs will appear on the wall that stops you “dead-in-your-tracks”. Will you be able to read the signs to get you over the wall? Or will you simply turn around, and go back?

I have walked up to that wall many times, and I turned around more times than I can count. Every wall will have a different sign for a specific individual. Mine was always about finances. I was never able to get the funds that would serve as a rope to pull me over the wall. This time, I will climb that wall. And it is my mission to pull someone over the wall with me. However, If I find that I am alone when I get over that oh so high wall, I will not climb backwards for you, so I invite you to join me now. I am extending my hand for the climb, and soliciting your support as well so that we can reach the top together. If I am unable to reach the top, I would gladly look up and give you a boost.

This was simply a little chat before we go into the “Market Analyst” of our business plan. Please don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section at the end of each post.

Deborah Thompson – Memanera ® 2015