There is going to be some changes made today that you may find refreshing, and that will certainly bring us closer to our goal with a better outcome, and in less time then anticipated.  While doing my research I found out that a lot has change over the years and our lender’s are not expecting all of the rhetoric that we have been pondering over to put into our business plan.  The premise is the same, however there are 4 main functions of the business plan that will make the potential lenders take notice.  Look over the following and review your plan to see how well you faired in these four categories, because they will ultimately be the most important part of your business plan.

  1. You need only a one-line description of your company, and be specific
  2. A financial model of your expenses-how much funding you need, expected expenses, etc..
  3. What are your risk?
  4. Why are you uniquely qualified to succeed?

A couple of these questions should have already been answered in the work that you have done so far.  Though we are attempting to complete a business plan ourselves; there are a few business plan templates that are worth trying.  There is a site called Growthink that has an excellent business plan template to help speed our process up.  I have reviewed the client list, as well as read numerous testimonials.  Their testimonials include Venus Williams-V-Star Interiors, Jillian Donatelli-Rock Botton Property, and Vishal Badiani, Owner of Trilogy Software to name a few.  You can also visit YouTube for a vision of how the software works. (Growthink Inc. 2016).

Go to Growthink today and view the 20% Rule for 2016. I will still be here to help with any of the research needed, and to work along with you to accomplish our goals to get to that “Grand Opening”.

Deborah Thompson ® July 2015





Lets take a look at how far we have come.  Right now you should have a cover page as described in example 1, but with your personal information inserted, and your Table of Contents should resemble example 2.

Example 3 is the business plan containing your company information.  You may want to complete the Table of Contents and your business plan simultaneously.  In example 2, note that the Executive Summary appears first on the business plan in example 3 from your Table of Contents in example 2.

Note the spacing of your Table of Contents, as well as your business plan  (single space).  So that concludes the Executive Summary, Market Analysis, and the Marketing Strategies.  We can now move on to the Operations Plan which will be IV of your Table of Contents, however; I will allow more time to arrange your business plan to reflect the correct organization and structure as that of your Table of Contents.  For instance: you can’t list Executive Summary as (II) on your business plan if is (I) in the Table of Contents.

Organization and structure is very important for the success of your business plan.  This week we will continue our work into the business plan by including the Operations Plan which may be a little easier for those of you who are selling mainly online through ecommerce as apposed to “brick-and-mortar”.   Thank you for being here, and please reply or leave me a comment, as your feedback is very important.

Tbl of Con Exple 1     Tbl of Con Exple 2    Expl 3 Post 13 B Plan Template Deftnotes © 2013

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In post 11 we talked about barriers, and I would like to further those discussions before moving on to the Market Strategies. I feel it is important for us to get a good understand of the barriers that may or may not be present. If you know what your barriers are, you have a better chance at removing some, if not all of them to avoid hitting a brick wall. Not all barriers can be removed, but there are ways to work around some of them without getting into legalities, regulatory issues or financial burdens. I have listed a few ideas to help deter you from heading in the wrong direction.

1: Make sure that you have all the licenses required for your specific business.

2: Don’t borrow more than you need.

3: Find out who your competitors are, then decide what makes you unique.

4: Get statistics on your competitors.

As you have found out; completing a business plan is not a ‘hit-or-miss” project; rather you are going to have to do some strategic planning, and you will have to be precise, and well organized with a certain degree of stamina. You’d be surprised what you can do with a little though, and a couple of hours a day for research. Under normal circumstances it would not take as long as it is going to take here, because I am trying to reach a lot of people. However; a business plan can take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months or more. It all depends on what it is that you want your lender to know. It can be anywhere from 60 pages to 100 pages or more. It all depends on how much information you want to include impressing your lender.

My next post will be on Marketing Strategies which is the next chapter in your Table of Contents for your business plan. Please feel free to make a reply, a comment, suggestion, or a critique at the bottom of each post.

Cite: Deborah Thompson, November 10, 2015


Deborah Thompson-Memanera ®July, 2015


Today I want to offer some assistance with your Market Analysis; for instance.

1st Yesterday, today and tomorrow: You would study the industry, competitors and customer demographics (so you can choose a target market, then check the target market that you have chosen from Post 7).

2nd Competitive Analysis: Do a thorough study of the population demographics in the market your business will sell in. Then, decide what type of person (target market) will buy your product. There is a lot of talk about the target markets but you will soon understand its redundancies for your business plan to prevail.

3rd Demographic and Target Market: (This should be easy because you have already distinguished your target market as described in post 7, and from the Competitive Analysis above, but this is the order in which to state your case. Does the population demographic in your area match well? Is there enough of this type of client (target market) in your area to have a successful business?

4th Entry Barriers: Are there barriers to entry? There is high entry cost, and high risk cost to get in, but limits the amount of competitors.

These are the things that you should have looked for to complete the market analysis. This is also number II of your “Table of Contents” as number I was the Executive Summary. Tomorrow we will take a look at number III which will be your market strategy.

Plan Template Deftnotes © 2013

This may seem like a lot, but it is important to not get stagnant. Stay on course; looking back on your progression should give you the incentive to continue with vigor. It will all pay off in the long run.



image BPlan 1 2b image My late night workspace!

B Plan Template Deftnotes © 2013

I have given you the Executive Summary ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the research involved in the completion of you business plan.  Your first two pages should look exactly as the ones above.  The 1st page is your cover, and the 2nd page is your table of contents.  The first order of business is located in your table of contents listed as #1 which is the executive summary, in which you should have already completed.  This is about you, for you, so if that means working through the night to accomplish your goals then lets do it.  I will display the next step in the table of contents, then we will go through them together.  Remember! We are riding in the same car, so together we proceed to the next level.

After the cover page type “Table of Contents” at the top, center of your second page, then the roman numeral I. followed by Executive Summary as described below.

I   Executive Summary

    1.  Business Owner(s) & Product/Service
2.  Mission Statement
3.  Company Structure
4.  Target Market (s)
5.  Current Opportunities
6.  Projection of Business Future
7.  Financial Summary

(Since we have completed the Executive Summary, continue to the next level which is the Market Analysis).  It should look exactly like the one below, but containing your company information the way you did for the Executive Summary.

II   Market Analysis

1.  Industry, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
2.  Competitive Analysis (Appendix B)
3.  Demographic and Target Market
4.  Entry Barriers

B Plan Template Deftnotes © 2013

(If you run into problems, please leave me a comment, and I will speak to you about how to proceed, and perhaps another participant may offer advice as well).  We will continue with the Table of Contents in a few days.  Don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom of each post.

Deborah Thompson-Memanera ® 7/2015



While we are working on our Executive Summary as described in post 7; I want to take a little time to talk about who I am, and  the “Resourceful or Last Resort” saga.  I say saga because If you start reading my post from the beginning; it reads like a book.  Like many people,  I have hobbies, and a talent that some people feel  are worth far more than that of their own hobbies and talents.  They are people with beautiful, angelic singing voices, yet they do not seek to be singers; there is no record deal in the works, or any upcoming shows to speak of.  Then there are the aficionado’s who wear many hats, but have not prevailed over any specific skill or talent.  And there are the food maven’s who always have a recipe for you, or will tell you how you could have prepared a dish, one whose palates are keenly sensitized to the point of describing a complete dish wearing blind-folds, yet they do not have a restaurant, a food truck, a catering company, or even a hotdog stand.  These are the people who feel that my talents and hobbies warrant recognition, and at best…a business.

It’s irony at its finest, because while I’m waiting for someone to produce something worthy of praise. they are expecting me to actually do it.  I am a “baby-boomer” with no time to waste.  I raised two children alone, then spent the rest of my life alone, and unequivocally, not by choice. There are people who have ask…”why haven’t you ever married?  The fact is.  No one ever ask!  So during my time alone, and while awaiting those 4 magic words (WILL YOU MARRY ME); I was drawing, reading, writing, painting, sculpting, designing, sewing, and taking courses in anything that I felt I had a need to know.  This blog “Resources or Last Resort” leans more toward the truth about what you can accomplish with what you have by being resourceful, or what signs will appear on the wall that stops you “dead-in-your-tracks”.   Will you be able to read the signs to get you over the wall?  Or will you simply turn around, and go back?

I have walked up to that wall many times, and I turned around more times than I can count.  Every wall will have a different sign for a specific individual.  Mine was always about finances.  I was never able to get the funds that would serve as a rope to pull me over the wall.  This time, I will climb that wall.   And it is my mission to pull someone over the wall with me.  However, If I find that I am alone when I get over that oh so high wall, I will not climb backwards for you, so I invite you to join me now.   I am extending my hand for the climb, and soliciting your support as well so that we can reach the top together.  If I am unable to reach the top, I would gladly look up and give you a boost. 

This was simply a little chat before we go into the “Market Analyst” of our business plan.  Please don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section at the end of each post.

Deborah Thompson – Memanera ® 2015


I want to talk about, as well as demonstrate what to do when you are at your wits-end?  Cannot find employment, have no money or automobile, but you do have a roof over your head and a talent.  Well!  I am going to embark upon a journey to get those answers, and you are invited.  I am going to show you some ways to make things happen, in spite of it all.  If this is your last resort, then you will unequivocally have to be resourceful.  Tap into your innate since of creativity and create yourself a product, or have you a hobby that has lend itself to boxes on a shelf or the back floor of your closet; then you are sitting on a goldmine.  Do you have too much of anything, or not enough of something that you really like?  “Turn it into a dollar”.  The fact is…I am that person, so mark your calendars as I will begin my journey, and take you along with me to see what we can do to turn a negative into a positive with a little creativity.


Well!  It’s been three days since my last post.  I needed to stop and enjoy other post, by other people.  It has become apparent to me that there are not a lot of people out there who are interested in putting their talents or hobbies to work for them.  The ones who would, or could, have  probably already done so and do not need my assistance, however; that will not deter me, or take me “off-the-beat-and path”.  I have a goal that has to be met, and promises that I intend to keep.  It is time to begin our business plan to accompany the cover sheet as described in blog post #6.

First of all, I am not going to tell you that a business plan is not cumbersome, because it is.  My plan is to take you through it very slowly, but steady  omitting nothing, but with breaks in between.  Each break will allow for the time needed to research the information for the current topic.  Following our cover page is the table of contents, and number I is the Executive Summary, and this is exactly how it should look.
The numbered information under the words executive summary is to be replaced with your personal information about your company.  This is to be used as a template only.  I have familiarized you with at least five of the executive summaries below in previous post so that you would be somewhat familiar with the language, thus less intimidating, therefore; less stressful.  Find the best time for you!  Even if that means working in the middle of the night.

Middle of the night

Table of Contents

I.  Executive Summary

         1.  Business Owner(s) & Product Service
2.  Mission Statement
3.  Company Structure
4.  Target Market (s)
5.  Current Opportunities
6.  Projection of Business Future
7.  Financial Summary

I did say “slow and steady” so we will stop here and collect the necessary information for the executive summary.  1st, Number 1 is asking who the owner(s), are and what are their products or services.  2nd is the mission statement that I gave you a “heads-up” on, in post 6 (perhaps you have written one already).  3rd We also spoke of company structure, such as Proprietorship, Corporation, LLC, etc.. 4th is the target market that we spoke about as well.  (Who or what demographic will be most likely to buy your product or service.  5th Do you see any current opportunities in the market?  6th If you made 35,000 this year, what do you expect to make the following year, and the year after that if business has been successful, and you have been making a profit?  7th List financial proof of the previous, and we’ll proceed in a couple of days.  Please leave a comment, critique, or suggestion at the bottom of each post.  Thank you for coming.  Have a creative, productive and prosperous day.

Deborah Thompson-Memanera ® 7/2015


Well!  I gave you and I, what I think was ample time to think about what we really wanted to do, and now it’s time to get funded.  Writing a business plan is not a 1-2-3 step process.  It is a long tedious process that is going to be thought provoking, take a lot of concentration, and strategic planning through to completion; Even a few late-night sessions when everything has calmed to a peaceful resolve, and you can think… might be in order, whatever it takes!

2 AM


We have already done our research and found out who our “target-market” is, but have you thought about your mission statement?  A mission statement is very important because, for a lot of consumer’s it will determine whether or not they will want to patron you business again.  It basically tells the consumer how you feel about them, and what you plan on doing about that sentiment to keep them as a customer.  It should describe how well you plan to maintain quality, and customer satisfaction, and it will be one of the first requirements of the business plan, in the Executive Summary.

Your business plan should begin with a cover page that displays the company name followed by the words “BUSINESS PLAN”.  Then you will add the address of your business (not your post office box number), phone numbers, and email, and the URL of your website, if you have one.  Then you will add your name and date.  All of the information that you entered onto the cover-page should be centered. 

We are going to stop here, as I don’t want to place to much on you in one sitting.  We have a lot to do, and we are going to make good use of our time.  Too much at one time can cause your writing of your business plan to become mundane, and you wouldn’t want to present a lackluster plan that may reduce the likelihood of your plan being considered or the capital that you are seeking.

Please use the comment section at the end of each post.  I welcome comments, critiques, and suggestions, or If you have gained anything, or simply have been inspired by my post  Please let me know.

Deborah Thompson-Memanera ® 7/15/2015


I thought I would take time out before getting into loans, and the business plan to display a few more of my works, to keep the inspiration flowing and by letting you know that you are under the auspices of someone who practices what she preach.  In my 3rd post entitled ‘Find Your Niche”, I hinted that in order to get your creative juices flowing, and be resourceful about it; you could take pillows from your bed, stare at them for about 10-15 minutes while you were in a creative mindset, and then do something with them.  That is exactly what I did.  Below is a description of how I completed the suggested project, using old pillow cases, and the stuffing from unused pillows.  The pillows on the left and right of the photo is embellished with ribbon, and a personal prayer that I once wrote.  The pillow in the middle is adorned with two of my grandchildren.

The pillows on the left and right of the photo are both portions of 1 pillowcase.  I then printed my prayer onto transfer paper, and…Voila!  The ribbon was put in place as I sewed the individual pillows cases together.  I took one of my most favorite pictures today, and strategically place the photo onto the pillow using transfer paper, and an iron.   I hope that you are still inspired, and plan to follow my post through to the end; or shall we say…

”The Grand Opening”.


The Pillows

Prepare for my next post, as it is all about financing your project.  In most cases, this is where most people get stopped “dead-in-their-tracks”.  This is where we need to assimilate all the knowledge that we have obtained so far and become as business savvy as possible to get to where you want to go.
See you in a few days.  Have an inspirational, productive, prosperous day today.  Don’t forget to comment below.

Deborah Thompson-Memanera ® 2015